Do you have bad IT support? Would you know if you had bad IT support? I say that because believe it or not, sometimes it is not easy to recognize. The majority of medical practices know the IT people, but they don’t know their skill level. They know they can fix the printer, but do you know if they have created a secure environment for you? Here are some signs of bad IT support.

6 Easy Ways to Recognize Bad IT Support.

Bad IT Architecture

This can happen for many reasons. Bad architecture can be from lack of knowledge, rushing to get something working, and lack of funds. Still , would you be able to recognize a bad IT architecture?

Doing things “manually” so it works

Do you have to key things in because the “automated” process doesn’t work? Perhaps your IT vendor should be able to make something easy for you.

Slow response times

I understand that sometimes this happens. IT vendors main job is to put out fires, and they do it all day. Some days are busier than others. If you have slow response time once or twice, it may be understandable. If you have constant slow response times, it may be a sign of bad IT support.

“I don’t know”

Does your IT vendor ever say, “I don’t know?” It’s very possible they don’t. No one knows everything. The value of using an outsourced IT vendor is so that the tech who doesn’t know, can call someone on the team that does know! Our philosophy is that the buck stops with us. If we don’t know, we work hard until we do know!

Replacing problems with money

For tough solutions, does your IT vendor suggest you “replace that machine” even though you know it is not very old? Don’t fall for this. push, push, push your vendor to fix the problem. What ends up happening is that you spend tons of money, only to see the same problems reappear on the new, expensive equipment. This is a sure sign of bad IT support.

The “work-around”.

Sometimes bad IT support thinks its OK to create a work around for you, as long as you can do what you need to do. This causes many problems down the road. I am not a fan of the “band-aid”. As uncomfortable as it is taking a long time, or calling the hardware vendor, or the application vendor, fix it once, and fix it right.

Old Technology

Does your IT support vendor suggest new technology? Are they up to date on the latest and greatest? You want an IT vendor who can show you ways of automating tasks to save money, and provide more efficiency in your office.


Don’t fall into bad IT support, when there are a lot of companies out there providing GOOD IT support! Be thorough in your due diligence, and make sure they are the correct fit for you.