It is time to take action on your network. The security tools that are out there and no longer optional. They are there for a reason. You need to take action now to avoid malicious code, ransomware attacks and viruses. I have said this 100 times before. The hackers are PROFESSIONAL. They spend their days/nights/money finding ways to fool you. It’s no joke. Some of the tools that are out there are so cheap that I think practices don’t implement them because of a lack of knowledge. Below are a few tools that are out there that Tier3MDSecure can help you with.

Take Action!

  1. Dark Web Monitoring – Dark Web Monitoring allows us to identify compromised credentials that can be used to exploit your employees AND your patients. Pricing: $99/domain/month.
  2. Email Security – Spam and Virus protection service that eliminates 97% or more of unwanted email before it reaches your staff’s mailbox. This will include Advanced Phishing and Malware Protection, Spoofing Prevention and Impersonation Prevention. Pricing: $3.00/mailbox.
  3. Office 365 Backups – Recover quickly from data loss in Office 365 or G Suite associated with accidental or malicious deletion, departing employees, external hackers and ransomware attacks. Covers Mail, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive and SharePoint. Pricing: $3.00 per mailbox.
  4. Business Continuity – Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution – all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualization, and ransomware protection. Automated backups as often as every five minutes. Virtualize protected servers locally or in the Cloud. Pricing: Dependent on amount of protected data.
  5. HIPAA Security Assessments – Annually, or Automated. Pricing: Dependent on practice size.
  6. Advanced Endpoint Security – Advanced security for endpoints, SOC monitoring, incident response and remediation services to stop active threat and minimize harm. Powered by SentinelOne. Pricing: $7/PC/Month
  7. SOC And SIEM – Complete SIEM services and SOC support with real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring to help you demonstrate compliance. Powered by EventTracker. Pricing: $50/Firewall or Server and $6/PC.
  8. Cyber Hawk (Internal Network Monitoring) – Monitors internal network behavior, such as new users added, new profiles added, rogue computers connecting to the network, various vulnerabilities, and more. Pricing: $99.00 per month.
  9. DNS Protection – This helps with ransomware attacks and allows you to monitor your staff’s web surfing. $3/PC
  10. External Vulnerability Scans – Free upon request
  11. Cyber Insurance Liability Reporting – We will provide a document for your insurance company in the event of an attack. This is usually coupled with your HIPAA assessment.
  12. Phishing Campaign and Training – Simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns to educate employees, making them the best defense against cybercrime. Pricing: $99/month

All of these items can be purchased through Tier3MD Secure.