Here we are, up to iPhone 11. Is it worth it? I was just thinking that my Apple stock is slow moving lately but I figured out why. I have had the same iPad for 4 years. I have absolutely no reason to buy a new iPad. If there was a newer version, I would run out and buy it, but there isn’t one. Well, now there is a new iPhone. The iPhone 11. Are you going to run out and buy it? Now I am not saying Apple doesn’t come out with new products, I’m saying the products are too darn good!

iPhone 11

I took a good look at it. First off, like most Apple products, the iPhone 11 is pretty sleek. It has a dual camera system and the fastest chip ever for a smart phone. (Until Samsung comes out with the new Galaxy). It has an all day battery life. That within itself is very appealing. It has the highest quality video. I thought Apple was competing with other phones but not anymore. They are competing with cameras and video cameras as well!

Gadgets appeal to me. Especially ones that make my life easier. I say go for it!