Do you need an IT department? If your first thought is “we are too small” then you need an IT department! A good, strong, secure, stable network is not just for large practices. A small practice will suffer from downtime and breaches same as a large practice. Downtime is downtime. Although it won’t cost as much as a large practice, it will hurt just as much, both financially, and reputation wise. It doesn’t matter if you are a mega hospital. Reporting a breach is reporting a breach. It hurts.

Do you need an IT Department?

My emphatic answer is YES! You NEED an IT department. However…you don’t need a full time IT Department and you don’t need a full time staff. This is why Tier3MD is the best solution for your practice. Our staff consists of Engineers, CIO’s, vCIO’s, Microsoft Certified Engineers, Digital Forensics Examiners, a full helpdesk and more. All of these services are available to you, and a small fraction of what you would pay for an IT department. Depending on the side of your practice, or pricing is almost like a sliding scale. It’s a perfect solution for a small practice that needs the stability of an IT department but has no need for full time IT staff or cannot afford one.

Good IT Help is Expensive

That’s why Tier3MD pays for it! We hire the most skilled Engineers and our helpdesk Engineers are level 2 and 3. We do not skimp when it comes to support since support is what we do! We want to make sure you are provided top notch IT services at an extremely affordable price.

If you would like to find out more, contact us today at 855-698-4373 for a quote on supporting your practice.