The Consumer Electronic Show starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. I always look forward to this because us IT people love gadgets and new technology! This is the biggest showcase for geeks like us. From what I am hearing, there are some very cool things coming our way. Here are a few of the things I am hearing about.

5G technology. This is no surprise as in my opinion, it is long overdue. Dell has a new Latitude 9510 with an infinity edge. It also has advanced connectivity and will support Wi-Fi 6 and high speed mobile broadband. Iogear has a new very thin docking station that can support 4K. It can also charge laptops while docking. Jabra will have a new multi camera intelligent video system. Can’t wait to see this! The iRobot has a new Roomba! Just what I need for my 3 dogs! Acer has the new Swift 5 which is an ultra portable laptop. It is 2.1 pounds and has an awesome Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card. Sweet! There is a new product called Ebb. This is a headband that you wear to help you sleep at night. Um…ok. Lexilens – this fascinates me. They are specialized lens that aim to help children with dyslexia be able to read and write by filtering out the disorder’s symptoms. I sure hope this works! These are just a few of the fun things that will be showcased.

Consumer Electronic Show

This is always a fun event. There is much more to this show than technology. They have motion pillows that cut down on snoring…ya, i’d like to see that. They have special closet lighting. Fun fun fun!

If you get a minute, there are a ton of articles out there that highlight some of the things to come. Enjoy!