Dell Network Breached


I find this truly amazing. These are the people we count on to help keep our networks safe! This just goes to show you…it could happen to anyone. Dell said Wednesday that it is possible that some customer account names, email addresses and hashed passwords were removed from the company’s network. Possible? How about probable?

The Round Rock, Texas-based company said it is possible that some names, email addresses and hashed passwords were removed from Dell’s network, although no conclusive evidence exists that any information was actually extracted. Dell said that it hashes all customer account passwords— scrambling them into an unreadable format—before storing them on the company’s database.

Account information for and customers (which Tier3MD is) was potentially extracted, according to the company, with and customer account information not involved. All, Premier, Global Portal and accounts were subject to a mandatory password reset.

Dell said the incident did not impact any of the company’s product or services, and that credit card and other sensitive customer information wasn’t targeted. How can we be sure? In addition, cybersecurity measures are in place to limit the impact of any potential exposure, according to the company.

Upon detection of the attempted extraction, Dell said that it immediately implemented countermeasures and initiated an investigation. The company indicated it has also retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation and has engaged law enforcement. So how could they say it’s possible? They have not even completed the investigation yet.

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