Anyone who had teenagers have experienced tech savvy kids! I used to worry about how todays kids were going to learn operating systems, Outlook, Excel, etc. so that they can be productive adults in whatever they do. I thought they were savvy in video games like Nintendo and Play Station. If you ever wanted to learn Super Mario Brothers, you would have to sit with a 14yr old for about an hour. Not only do we have tech savvy kids, they are more tech savvy that most adults. So how does this happen?

Tech Savvy Kids

The first reason I think this happens is they have the time to figure things out. Homework is done, baths are taken, TV isn’t that much fun…phone time! Kids it on tablets and phones for hours on end and you will never hear them make a phone call. It’s all apps. What bothers me is that the apps are designed to help the kids keep things from their parents. Snapchat only hold the message for 24 hours, WhatsApp has 2 factor authentication. It is increasingly harder to find out what your kids are doing online. If they know you are reading their texts, they use Duo, Facetime, or any other live chat apps. Kids can talk to anyone in the world on Instagram and the parents won’t even know it.

New Apps

Every time I turn around there is a new social media app for kids. There are countless apps they can send pictures, talk to friends, relative and strangers and get themselves in all kinds of trouble. They find ways around the parental controls and seem to always stay one step ahead of us. Tech savvy kids are now the norm, not the exception. Us parents have to smarten up!!