Just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to use it. Technology isn’t for everyone. There are people out there that don’t know how to use, don’t want to use it, and feel they have no reason to use it. For most people, they don’t have a choice. Anyone who works in a medical practice, or an office or most other places of business, will need to not only use technology, but will depend on it. Even Landscapers use technology to present designs, turn out quotes, send invoices and communicate with their clients. Technology isn’t for everyone, but just about everyone uses it.

Technology Isn’t For Everyone

As technology evolves the divide gets bigger and bigger between people who use it and people who shy away from it. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. give discounts to people who reserve and book online. If you don’t use your computer or don’t have internet, you may miss those deals. At this point, do you know anyone who does not have a computer or access to the internet?

Technology isn’t just computers or the internet. It is much more than that. Have a new car? If so, it is loaded with technology. I don’t think technology is even an option anymore. You can’t avoid it. Anything “convenient” or “cool” involves technology. Life saving programs and equipment involve very complicated technology. Everything we do involves technology, yet technology isn’t for everyone. What do those who avoid technology do? What do they miss out on? Can they really avoid it at all? These are questions I often ponder.

For me, technology is exciting. I can’t wait for the next awesome piece of technology comes out. For some, they may not even know it is there.