Right now, you need to be careful on Microsoft Teams. Unpatched versions are potentially vulnerable to an account takeover attack by hackers using GIF files or links. An attacker can send a link or GIF file that, when processed by a Teams account will produce a fraudulent access token. With these access tokens, an attacker can continue to spread across an organization’s Teams network in much the same way a typical work does, continually compromising new accounts if configured correctly.

An attacker with even intermediate skill level can commandeer control of a Teams account that they can have access to all the messages sent and received by that user.


Be careful on Microsoft Teams

There are 3 ways you can prevent a Teams takeover from occurring. What to do:

  1.  Make sure you Teams application is running the latest version.
  2. Only permit platform access to authorized users.
  3. Only use Teams account for work specified users

If you have any questions on Teams, or would like to discuss how you can safely collaborate with you coworkers safely, contact Tier3MD and we can guide you.