It’s time to get on the schedule for your annual HIPAA security risk assessment. Tier3MD can perform a full security risk assessment for your practice in order for you to be compliant with Government criteria and incentives. We begin the assessments in October and are on a first come first served basis. If you need one for this year.

Do I Need To Do a Security Assessment?

YES! Not only is it useful to identify threats, but a risk analysis is also mandatory: The HIPAA Security Rule requires Covered Entities and their Business Associates to conduct an annual HIPAA risk assessment and implement security measures in order to help safeguard PHI.

What Is Involved In A HIPAA Security Assessment?

  1. Documenting the scope of analysis
  2. Collection of data
  3. Identifying and documenting potential threats and vulnerabilities, along with the probability
  4. Assess current security measures and implement new ones if needed.
  5. Determine the likelihood of threat occurrence and put measures in place to prevent attacks
  6. Determine the potential impact of threat occurrence and document it
  7. Determine the level of risk and document it
  8. Finalize documentation and review it on a yearly basis.

Get On The Schedule

At Tier3MD, we do hundreds of security risk assessments per year. Call now to get on the schedule.