It seems like more and more practices are in monitoring events that are happening on their network. The Colonial Pipeline attack is a real wake up call for medical practices and business owners. It shows us how vulnerable we can all be and how our business can collapse at any time. Monitoring event can help, but being vigilant and educated are the best ways to keep your network safe.

At Tier3MD we are constantly refining our cybersecurity suite. We now have the capability for monitoring events on your network that can help us indicate if there is any odd behavior happening or if anonymous access has been granted. Here are some of the things we can monitor.


Monitoring Events

  • Login success and failures
  • User IP location tracking
  • Password resets
  • Authentication failures
  • Account locks
  • New devices added
  • File link sharing
  • File downloads/uploads
  • Files viewed/modified
  • User permissions changed
  • Much more…

New tools for monitoring events are constantly being developed. Our goal is to keep your network safe so we are constantly evaluating new products. Contact our help desk if you would like more information.