If you are looking for computer support medical practice, you have found us! Tier3MD is one of the leaders in providing computer support for medical practices. We ONLY provide support for medical practices, so our experience focuses around making sure we understand the medical industry.

HIPAA Support

Most of the calls I get from medical practices often ask me if we have experience with HIPAA. That is a very broad question! Experience…yes, and understanding…you bet! We would not be able to focus on the medical industry if we did not have a good, solid understanding of HIPAA, and what it takes for your practice to be compliant. Believe it or not, there are many IT support vendors out there that not only do not understand HIPAA, they think it is a bunch of “fluff’. Please let me tell you…HIPAA is not “fluff” and needs to be taken seriously. Staying withing the HIPAA guidelines is not expensive, nor is it difficult. Any vendor that does not understand it, is not the vendor for you.

Our Helpdesk

Having someone to call, and getting a fast response is the key to having success in your practice. You can’t always wait for someone to get out to your office. Especially if it is an “easy fix”. Having someone to call is extremely valuable, and Tier3MD provides a full helpdesk for quick, efficient support.

Contact Tier3MD to get an assessment on your network. Never cut corners on your IT support. It is the hub of your practice!