People often overlook security on their mobile devices. Do you have ePH on your mobile devices? If so, you will need to make sure those devices are secured. Keeping your iPad secure is the same as keeping any devices secure. Here are a few simple tips that you can use to help secure your private information, and your ePHI.

Keeping your iPad Secure


  1. ┬áDon’t leave it lying around. Simple concept! Although it makes sense, I am going to guess you have probably violated this once or twice. I think I may even be guilty! iPads are very easy targets for thieves so when you are in public, make sure you don’t let it out of your sight. Also, don’t leave it in your car in plain view. It’s not that difficult to break a window.
  2. Passcode protect it. You can even use fingerprint or facial recognition. Those options are there for a reason. Use them!
  3. Use a MDM (Mobile Device Management) service. If you have a company owned device, this should be a “no-brainer”. Having an administrator that would be able to wipe your iPad in the event it is lost or stolen could really save you.
  4. Limit its capabilities. You can set it up to restrict certain functions, such as access to various apps, including Safari, YouTube, etc. A lot of people do this to lock it down for their kids. Lock down whatever you don’t need.
  5. Keep up with your software updates. These updates are done for a reason. This is when the patches and security updates come out so make sure you stay on top of it.

Keeping your iPad secure should be a part of your normal device management. iOS is not invincible! Where ever there is data, assume a hacker is out there waiting for you. That is because they are! Stay safe out there!


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