You are probably aware that there has been an enormous growth in telemedicine. In late March, I had a lot of clients call our office to talk about quickly implementing telemedicine. It has been great for non-emergency visits and great for the elderly who sometimes has a problem getting out of the house. According to Healthcare IT News, there has been a plateau in telehealth visits. They have also stated that “Data from 50,000 healthcare providers suggests that ambulatory practice visits have not rebounded to pre-pandemic levels.”

Growth in Telemedicine

Let’s keep in mind that telemedicine is not for every specialty. For instance, in-person visits are still necessary to diagnose and test certain complex conditions, Orthopedics, Cardiology and other practices really need to see the patient to provide more tests such as x-rays, echocardiograms, ekg’s, etc. Still for other issues, possibly Dermatology, ENT’s and Pediatricians can see quite a few patients using telemedicine. Especially if a visit is required to refill a prescription.

There are quite a few telemedicine platforms you can use. Most of our clients use It seems to be working well for them. Even when this pandemic ends, I still see medical practice continue to have a growth in telemedicine. It’s very convenient for the patients!