At Tier3MD, we take building your cyber security very seriously. In today’s world, you will need a lot more than a consumer/home grade antivirus and firewall applications to get the job done. You need help with the logistics surrounding your safety and security, and we are here to help. We can arm you with the right stack of software and services to best protect you. Our offerings include:

Security Assessments – At Tier3MD we have the proper tools to run a security assessment on your network at any time. We can identify gaps in security coverage and existing vulnerabilities.

Password Management – Our tools can help identify the last time passwords were changed, and when users last logged in. We can’t protect you if your users are using “1234” as their password.

Email Security – As many cyber security attacks today originate via email, we have the proper products to help you with your email security.

Security Awareness Training – We offer many levels of user training for your entire staff. It is important they understand phishing attempts, ransomware and other social engineering attacks.

Endpoint Detection – We offer external vulnerability scans as well as top of the line firewalls for your protection.

Digital Forensics – Tier3MD offers digital forensics for HIPAA breaches, employee issues, practice mergers, and more.

SIEM and Log Management – Malicious actions typically leave tracks that are buried in device log files alongside other legitimate entries. Security information and event management (SIEM) software is designed to automatically monitor for these log entries and then correlate this information for analysis and review. SIEM tools protect against sophisticated, advanced threats, and is a modern, foundational component required to meet today’s compliance requirements.

DNS and Web Security – Similar to firewall in many ways, DNS protection blocks vulnerable, suspicious and malicious web sites using real-time detection of known web and email security threats, so users aren’t able to interact with them.

Mobile Device Security – The differences between computers, phones, tablets and other computing hardware is becoming increasingly thin, and therefore endpoint security must move beyond the desk and onto any device in a client network. Mobile device security extends these capabilities onto client mobile devices, decreasing the chances of malicious infiltration of small business networks from these attack surfaces.

Data Encryption – Data that can’t be read is data that can’t be used by bad actors, so encryption technology should be leveraged wherever it is feasible for data both at rest and in motion. It will help minimize the risks associated with third-party interception or the theft of sensitive information.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Even as a last line of defense, backups remain a critical component of any cyber security stack, as it enables recovery if an attack is successful. It’s vital to maintain local and cloud backups—with regular testing and a well-documented disaster recovery (DR) plan—so systems can be restored and data can be recovered in the event of a breach or incident.

Tier3MD has all the tools you need to keep your practice safe. It’s up to you!

Building Your Cyber Security