What do you really think?

I always like to keep my blog plain and simple. Today, I am going to talk about the IT staff, and your true opinion…
What do you really think of your IT staff? I have heard everything from “I dislike them” to “I have no clue what they do”. Every once in a while, I will hear “I love my IT people”. As a Managed Service Provider, and IT Staff for hundreds of Physicians in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and other locations, I want to make sure we the IT people that the staff loves. How can we do that?


First off, I need to help get rid of the perception. Most people have no clue what IT people really do. They think if they can’t print, the IT people are bad. I always say, “we are the solution”, not the problem. Like anything else, a few bad IT people spoiled that for us. Maybe they really were the problem. So how do we shed that reputation? I always tell my staff that we have to be the BEST. We need to be better than anything they can get on their own. They HAVE to love us, and we need to make sure of it. Now that doesn’t mean the network never has an issue. It will all come down to how we handle the issue. We need to communicate with our customers. We need to make sure they fully understand what is going on. People in general are reasonable. If we just talk to them, they will understand that we are here to help solve the problems.

So what do you think of your IT staff? Do you think they do a good job? How do you gage what they are doing? By being able to login? Print? Send email? I am often curious as to what people really think of the IT staff. I have been accused of being a nerd. Ok, so I am. Still, is that a bad thing? I would really like to know your opinion of the IT department. It will help us be stronger in our mission to provide the best IT support in the country. Drop me a line.