Well, it looks like there will be no more Outlook.com. Or should I say…no more FREE Outlook.com. Users of the premier service will now be directed to the Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. I’m not surprised at this mover. Really, it was only a matter of time. The users of the FREE Outlook.com service (which of course had ads) will continue and current subscribers that have paid will up still be able to access the service, while subscribers to 365 will automatically receive the benefits of the old-paid for Outlook.com.

I have been using Office 365 for years and I find it a very good option not only for business, but for home.

Office 365

A home version of office 365 personal for one person will cost you $6.99 per month. With that you will get:

  • Advanced email security
  • Ad-free inbox
  • 50 GB mailbox per user

Things are constantly changing with the cloud! It’s getting hard to keep up.


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No More Outlook.com


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