The end of the year is fast approaching. We are already into mid October. In most places the leaves are changing, the temperatures have cooled down and kids are getting ready for in person learning and possibly Winter sports. Yes year end is coming.

Year End is Coming

What does that mean for you? Year end is a pretty big deal. There are budgets, taxes, purchases and more that need to be completed by the end of the year. It is always a busy time. Just about now is when we start saying “Let’s put that off until the first of the year.” One thing you can’t put off until the first of the year is your end of year Security Risk Assessment. You want to make sure you have one for the 2020 calendar year and that you have this assessment completed in each and every calendar year.

Security Risk Assessment

For medical practices, this is required by HIPAA to show how you have proper policies and procedures and that you have reviewed all of your processes, procedures and requirements. For non-medical, this is best practice to protect against cybersecurity attacks and phishing schemes. Really…how harmful would it be to do an assessment on your network? What’s the worst that could happen? You find out you have a hole to plug?

Some IT departments feel threatened by a security risk assessment. They are afraid of what we will find. Believe me, it’s not like that. We work directly with the IT department and help them correct things as we go along. Then we run a final scan that shows that the network is in great shape. We have nothing to gain by showcasing a bad IT department. That’s not our style.

So, year end is coming. Have you evaluated your equipment? Is it time to purchase in this calendar year, or the next one? Keep in mind there are tax credits for this so you may want to get he advice of your accountants. Year end is coming. Let’s set up 2021 to be the BEST.YEAR.EVER!


Thank you!