“Security Stack” seems to be the new buzz words in the managed service provider industry. Instead of what do you offer as an outsourced computer company, the question being asked is “what is in your security stack”. Living in a cyber world where hackers are constantly trying to get in is an important piece to providing managed services. It’s not just about the PC and Servers anymore. It’s about protecting data and keeping your network safe at all times.

Security Stack

Our security stack is made up of everything we need to protect your network inside and out. It consists of a series of tools meant to monitor, detect, view and prevent malicious behavior. We also include disaster recovery in our security stack as in reality, that is the most important. We have not yet found a way to stop users from being fooled by phishing campaigns, hackers and malicious software. All we can do for that is education, which we do on a regular basis.

If your MSP does not have a security stack in place, you may want to question them. It’s like insurance. You really can’t have too much!