Are You a Victim of Insider Threats? Would you know if you were? Insider threats could be more of a threat than outside hackers. There are many ways insiders could hurt your practice. At Tier3MD, we can now monitor INSIDE your network as opposed to protecting the outside and perimeter of your network. Here are a few ways we help you against insider threats.

  1. We can monitor unauthorized wireless connections to your network.
  2. We are immediately alerted if a new user profile shows up
  3. We can easily detect an application that is installed on a locked down computer.
  4. We can see logins to computers that should only allow administrators
  5. We can check for users having admin credentials
  6. We monitor after hour logins

These ways we can monitor the inside of your network. Insiders can cause problems in 2 ways. One, is inadvertently, and two, is on purpose. Either way, we have you covered! Call us today!