Tier3MD announced plans to add Mike Cherico to the Executive staff at Tier3MD. The move is designed to promote growth, and to think creatively with a fresh perspective to achieve the goal of growing into the largest IT support group for medical practices in the upcoming years. Mike’s focus will be on mergers & acquisitions, building client and business relationships as well as developing strategies to move Tier3MD into the premier market of Healthcare IT Support.

Tier3MD has created the new position of President, Strategic Development, and appointed Mike Cherico to fill that spot effective March 3, 2014. Cherico was President at CCA Global Partners for 13 years, and will oversee all management strategies for Tier3MD. 

“MIke has one of the most strategic business minds in the country says Steve Platnick, President, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder of Tier3MD. We are not only proud, but lucky to have Mike on staff. He is a difference maker.

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Mike resides in Acworth with his wife Jane of 33 years. He has 3 children, and 5 grand children. He is an avid runner and completed his first marathon in St. Louis this past fall. You can reach Mike at Michael.cherico@tier3md.com