Below is eMDs urgent message that came out today.

Urgent Notice: Clinical Quality Measures Report

Attention customers who have submitted your Quality file for either MIPS, Medicaid, or CPC+ for program year 2020. We have been made aware that the CEHRT ID contained in the file that was submitted was incorrect. You will need to regenerate your Clinical Quality Measures report and resubmit. The issue has been addressed, so if you have not generated and submitted your Quality Measure information, your submission can be successfully transmitted moving forward.

To regenerate the report please go to Reports, Clinical Quality, Clinical Quality Measures. Select CQM Version – CQM2020. Select whether you are reporting as an individual, a group or for CPC+. Choose your provider(s) if needed. The measure date will be Previous Year for MIPS/CPC+ or any continuous 90 days for Medicaid. Then choose the measures that you would like to submit. For CPC+ customers choose your service site information. Now that you’ve entered your criteria, view the file. Once the file has generated, click on the Export button at the top and Export the Summary Report. Save the file to your computer, overriding the instance you have already saved to verify you have the latest information. You may then go to your programs website and resubmit the file.

As a reminder, the deadline for MIPS submission is 3/31/21 at 8pm Eastern and for Medicaid, please check with your local State Medicaid Agency for attestation period and deadline. CPC+ customers your deadline for submission is 2/28/21 at 8pm Eastern. If you have questions, please contact our support department.