IT Support for Hospitals

Tier3MD providing IT support for hospitals in the Atlanta area, Is a great way to assist hospital IT departments. Known primarily for supporting medical practices, Tier3MD is supporting some of the largest Hospitals in the Southeast. “We are supporting the hospital, yet we are not doing hospital IT support!” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO. How can this be? Tier3MD is supporting the practices the hospitals are buying, and providing their expertise to an IT department that has never focused on the individual ambulatory space. “We know how to handle their NextGen, Centricity, Allscripts, eClinical Works, Intergy, systems, as well as some older systems. Normally, a hospital IT department would not want to get into supporting, or even hosting the old legacy systems.”

When a hospital acquires a practice, there is quite a bit of support involved in keeping that practice running. Tier3MD works with the hospital IT department to put in new equipment, provide day to day field support, and keep the practice HIPAA compliant. Hospitals don’t really like their IT staff traveling to various practices to install printers, fix servers, and help users with day to day problems. Tier3MD was built for this. This is what we do.

In order to help hospitals with legacy applications, Tier3MD has a fully staffed HIPAA compliant cloud. This has become vital in assisting the hospitals with support for the legacy systems.

If you would like more information on how Tier3MD can help your hospital, please contact