I know people don’t really look at it this way, but are you gambling with your IT support? So…you’re not a gambler. Maybe at the Casino your not but if you don’t have good, professional, proactive IT support, then I hate to break it to you but you’re a gambler!

Are You Gambling With Your IT Support?

When you are experiencing downtime or times where your staff can’t be productive, that is costing you money. If you don’t have a good IT company, then you are rolling the dice with your IT services. You are banking on the fact that nothing will go wrong. Well, even with good IT support, things go wrong. The difference is how often things go wrong, and how long it takes to recover.

Chronic IT “Glitches” And Downtime
As the saying goes, “Overhead walks on two legs.” Any practice administrator knows that unproductive, distracted workers not only kill profitability, but increase the chances of mistakes, missed deadlines, sloppy work and low morale. A frustrated team is not a productive one.

Yet we find that most practice administrators don’t realize just how often their employees are being interrupted and distracted due to recurring IT failures because it’s “hidden” from them. Many are shocked to discover their employees are dealing with chronic IT problems that are constantly getting in the way of serving clients, closing sales and doing their job, forcing them to stop what they are doing, re-doing the work they just spent hours doing, or possibly NOT doing what they are supposed to do. Just one hour of this a day adds up when multiplied over an entire year and your entire workforce. We resolve ALL of this. With Tier3MD, you can make a safe bet!