IT Support for Medical Practices

Tier3MD has a wide range of IT services and products for your medical practice.  We are one of the nations leaders in IT support for medical practices.  Our current offerings include:

  • Remote Managed Services
  • Helpdesk for your Practice, or your Business
  • 24/7/365 Remote  Monitoring
  • Antivirus/Antispyware and Patch Management
  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud Services
  • EMR Consulting and Implementation Assistance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA Training
  • Hard Drive Destruction Services
  • Dental IT Support
  • Veterinary Office Support
  • Network Assessments and Solutions
  • CIO Services, including Network Architecture & Design
  • Full IT Staffing Services
  • On-site IT Services
  • Data and Voice Cabling
  • Mobile Device Management

IT Support for Medical Practices

In 2005, Sheryl Cherico and Steve Platnick saw a specific need for IT support for medical practices.  They immediately knew that the medical industry was going to need to make changes to the way they were practicing medicine.  Technology was changing quickly, and they wanted to be there to help.  They are also very excited to be a part of an ever changing industry, and knew that they were going to become a leader in providing IT support for medical practices.

Over the years, our company has evolved, and has done a great job in keeping up with the trends and changes facing the medical community.  Our offerings have grown, and our ability to support our clients has changed dramatically.  We are now one of the leaders in IT support for medical practices.

The question we are asked the most is “what is the difference between IT, and IT Support for Medical Practices?”  The answer is easy, overwhelming, somewhat simple,  but not so easy to explain.  IT support for Medical Practices is different in the sense that it involves the medical industry, but it is also completely different from the hospital industry.  Hospital IT support is done on a much broader scale, with a completely different and much more complex model for support. In order to provide IT support for medical practices, we need to work with the hospital IT department, but the practices are individual stand alone entities.  Most Physicians work in the hospital in addition to their own private practice. They visit patients in the hospital, rotate with an “on call” schedule and provide consults.  All of these are billable charges, and must somehow go back to the practice and billed in the practices Practice Management system.

What does this have to do with IT support for medical practices?  Plenty.  If you understand some of the pain points and flow of the medical practice, you can help solve it with technology.  IT support for medical practices is much more than fixing a broken PC or installing software.  It is helping the practice provide quality, efficient healthcare by leveraging technology to create a workflow that allows the physicians and staff to quickly and accurately work together to provide quality healthcare to the patients.

Tier3MD has always worked exclusively in the medical arena.  Providing IT support for medical practices is all we know.  Our main focus stays in the medical industry, which allows us to focus on HIPAA, Security and protecting your ePHI.  We are constantly looking at ways to improve the medical practice by vetting technology, suggesting technology, and implementing technology.  Our clients count on us to provide top notch service so they can focus on treating the patients.



#1 Leader for IT Support for Medical Practices