Have you ever needed to have a serious conversation with someone on your staff? If you run a medical practice, the answer is YES! Being able to be open and honest with your staff is one of the most important things you can do to effectively manage your medical practice. The problem is, not everyone can, or knows how to have a game changing conversation. Below are some quick steps to help you manage that conversation and how to get the most our of game changing conversations.

Game Changing Conversations

  1.  Name The Issue – Be very clear on what the issue is and name it in your conversation.
  2.  Give Examples – If you can, give specific examples. For instance, you were late again on Tuesday, etc.
  3.  Describe How You Feel – “this makes me very uncomfortable”, or “It frustrates me”, etc.
  4.  Let Them Know What Is At Stake – Customers can leave, our reputation will suffer, etc.
  5.  Identify MY Contribution To The Problem – Admit it, there is something you are doing to contribute to the problem!
  6.  Indicate Your Wish To Resolve It – Explain why it needs to be resolved and add some suggestions.
  7.  Invite a Response – You want it to be an open and honest conversation.

Not everyone is confrontational. Being a practice manager or Physician means you need to have some uncomfortable conversations. You want to be able to have these game changing conversations.  Try it! It will only help you.