Do you still have a Microsoft exchange server in your office? If so, what can I do to talk you out of it? Let it go…it’s time.

Microsoft Exchange Server

In its day, the Microsoft exchange server was a vital part of your practice. Being able to control many features of email was not only convenient, it was imperative. Fast forward to 2017, or even 2016 for that matter, and the Microsoft exchange server is quickly becoming obsolete. Bring on Office 365. The easier, more stable way to control your email.

Office 365

Let’s be honest here. Tier3MD makes a living supporting servers, but as a managed service provider, I have to let my clients know that putting a Microsoft exchange server in your office is just not necessary. Years ago, when we were able to get email online via a web browser from the exchange server, the look was different and not very user friendly. With Office 365, the web portal and the outlook client are the same! It is so convenient, that it almost seems foolish not to use it. Now keep in mind, there is a charge of anywhere from $4.00 per month per user, to $12.50 depending on the features. Your Tier3MD representative can help you with this.

Moving to Microsoft Office 365 will save you time and money. Maintaining a Microsoft exchange server is expensive. Like any server, it gets old. The enormous amount of email makes the information store difficult to back up. You are much better off with the hosted Office 365. For more information, contact Tier3MD.


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Microsoft Exchange Server