Every once in a while, I like to point our Healthcare IT in a nutshell. It helps me help you understand the difference in healthcare IT support service, as opposed so other SMB support.

Healthcare IT in a Nutshell

Healthcare IT is different in many ways, but what stands out most, is the urgency in your mission critical applications. Of course, everyone will say they can’t work without their critical applications, but is it a matter of life and death? In some cases, healthcare IT could affect life, and death.

It makes me shutter to think this way, but not having access to your patient records in an emergency situation, could be very scary. If a patient ends up in the emergency room and the doctor has an electronic medical record, you want the doctor and medial staff to easily be able to have access to that patient record. For example, a patient has a heart attack and ends up in the ER. The Cath that was performed 3 days earlier would certainly be helpful. Thing is…he didn’t have the Cath at your hospital. No problem!

Another thing very concerning to healthcare IT support service is security. For 2 reasons…the first is to avoid downtime so clinical and billing staff have constant access to their mission critical data. The second, is to avoid breaches, the fines, and the embarrassment. Who wants to do business with a practice that has had a data breach? For that reason, we work tirelessly securing the networks of our customers.

Healthcare IT support and service is an animal within itself. Here at Tier3MD, we could service any network, but we like to stay in the space that we are considered experts. Healthcare is changing so often, that in order to stay on top of it, it has to be our MAIN focus. Sine 2005 we have stayed on top of all the Healthcare IT service and support issues, products and technologies.

So that is healthcare IT in a nutshell! Thank you for reading.