Below are some Important considerations when hiring your IT provider. It’s not always a slam dunk.

5 tips for hiring an IT provider

1. Customer Service – a reputable consultant will be accessible when you need them. They will answer their phones, return emails, and respond to you even if it’s after hours. They should give you a guaranteed response time, have good listening skills, a proactive approach and be properly insured.

2. Maintenance and Monitoring of your Network – a good provider will insist on remotely monitoring your network 24/7/365 to keep you up to date on critical settings, virus definitions and security patches. If your provider does not do this type of service, do not do business with them. An effective remotely monitored network will keep your business secure and will alert the provider to potential problems that can be addressed before they become bigger problems, resulting in network downtime.

3. Capable Staff of Technicians – Your provider should have detailed network documentation that would allow any of their technicians to be able to pick up where another one has left off. If your regular technician becomes ill or takes an extended vacation, other technicians should be able to step right in without any disruption to your business workflow. They should be as familiar with your network and processes as your regular technician.

4. All Inclusive Managed Service Plan – This is a great plan to have because they will save you money in the long run. Be careful to make sure what is, and what is not included in the plan. Make sure the phone support and helpdesk are included. Usually, moves, second offices, various upgrades, and new technology could result in a separate project fee.

5. Monthly Reports – A reputable provider will provide you with monthly reports that show all of the updates, security patches and status of every machine on your network. This will help you know that your systems are secured, along with the overall health score of your network.


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