Are you still considering outsourcing your medical IT support? Back in 2005 when I started this company, most practices still had onsite IT staff. Fast forward 11+ years later, and most of the inhouse IT staff now works for outsourced IT companies like Tier3MD. The valuable IT staff did not go away, it just shifted.

Hybrid IT

I am getting more and more phone calls for hybrid IT support. What this means, is the facility or practice has an inhouse IT staff, but they need help with things like remote monitoring, pc deployment and helpdesk services. Being a high level IT person, this makes perfect sense to me. Tier3 engineers don’t really like to fix printers, and clean up viruses, but if they have no helpdesk services, it becomes a very time consuming job for a very expensive engineer. Unfortunately, the majority of helpdesk calls are password resets, viruses, lost documents, etc. You need to have a helpdesk to address these issues, but you don’t need a high level engineer to do it.

Why Not Outsource?

If you are still considering outsourcing your medical IT support, now is the time. The money spent on high level engineers is becoming less and less common. With many practices retiring their servers and moving to the cloud, that high level architecture specialist is really not needed. Most of them are being recruited by cloud providers. They love it because they get to do all the geeky things they like to do and not have to be concerned with the user experience. Plus, they get to work on more than one practice, which mixes it up a bit, and helps stop the boredom and complacency from setting in. I always say strong techs have a shelf life of 5 years. How do we keep them motivated?

Because there are so many outsourced IT companies now, the price comparisons are comparable. You can definitely get good medical IT support for a very low cost. Most companies, like Tier3MD, take the team approach. We all work together to solve issues, and provide day to day support for the users. We do this at a much less cost than hiring one or two full time IT staff. We have a good article on our website about outsourcing your medical IT support. I think you will find it useful.


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