The largest meat producer was hit by a cyberattack on Sunday and will be back up and running by Wednesday. This tells me one of two things…one, they paid the ransom, or two, they had a great backup disaster/recovery plan in place and the bad actors did not get the backups. Backups also could have and should have been encrypted. Whatever the case, the point is…it happened again and it is continuing to happen. This has become a war that we are losing and I don’t see a solution in sight.

Meat Producer Hit by a Cyberattack

Meat producer JBS closed nine of its US beef processing plants on Tuesday following a cyberattack that took down its IT systems, but the company plans to restore operations on Wednesday and has told employees to return to work. This is not only a blow to the meat industry, but to the workers who were asked to stay home for 2 days without pay. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is.

We still have to wait to see what this does to beef prices. Are they going to skyrocket?  These cyberattacks are costing Americans millions of dollars. We’re still not over the gas price increase due to the Colonial Pipeline hack. At some point, something has to give. We can’t keep on going on like this.