Have you seen an influx of viruses trying to get in via email? I just received the parking violation hack. Unbelievable. Unless you think it through, you could easily succumb to something like this and give the hackers your personal information. It looks like this:

Parking Violation Hack



This is the automatically sent letter of information of the Parking Service.

Road cameras have secured the of your automobile. Therefore, you will have to pay the appropriate fine.


To successfully complete the payment, you will have to register the invoice on the official website.

Your Fine Invoice ID is ZN22B


Please submit it here: *** Parking-services.net <http://ww477.wingedwolfcaravan.com/index.php?title=@tier3md.com”> ***


After that, you will obtain all required details to execute the payment.

You have one day to finalize the fine. Otherwise, significant charges may apply.


Please do not reply to this message.



Best Regards,

Parking Service



If you wish to permanently remove your Email address from our mailing list, please unsubscribe <ttp://sovet-8.com/turbo/unsubscribe.php?MA249&CN560ddc98aff96cf8bb7f02dfcd3abe&L”>


The biggest risk and the harmful part of the parking violation hack is they can obtain your personal information along with your credit card information. How would the parking violations bureau get a hold of your email address? Problem is, is they send out 1 million emails, the odds are 1 or 2 people will respond.

What some people don’t realize that even the last line, “if you wish to permanently delete your address is giving the hackers information. I valid email address. I did not click on it, but it may even ask you to register if you want to stop receiving those emails.

If you look at the “please submit here” the web address is “Wingedwolfcaravan”. Not sure that has anything to do with parking. Pay attention to the return address!

It’s important that people are aware of phishing schemes and hacks that want to obtain your personal information. If you are unsure, ask someone for help. Never click on unsolicited emails that request payment. Even if they look legitimate. Remember the hackers go out of their way to look legitimate. They are getting better and better at their craft.

If you suspect you have been hacked, please contact Tier3md for help.


Tier3MD is a medical IT support group headquartered in Atlanta, GA.