Have you had the experience of using the Tier3MD helpdesk? I am so proud of this crew! They are the face of Tier3MD, and the most underrated group of people in the company. I am truly blown away at what they are able to do on a daily basis.

Tier3MD Helpdesk

Let me give you a day in the life of the Tier3MD helpdesk. First off, they start at 7:30. Before they even take off their coats and get their coffee, the phone is ringing. They quickly answer the call, and take off their coat later. Keep in mind that no one ever calls the helpdesk and says, “Good Morning. I was able to log in today!” They are usually in the middle of something extremely important, like seeing patients, and are experience some level of frustration. Maybe they can’t log in, or maybe the computer is frozen, or they can’t connect to their EMR. Whatever the reason is that they are calling, the Tier3MD helpdesk is able to calm them down, and quickly resolve their issue.

Under the Radar

The Tier3MD helpdesk staff is totally under the radar. They are quiet in the office, they are on the phone all day, and they are the hub of Tier3MD. I thank them everyday because without them, there would be no Tier3MD. When I am out in the field, I always here “Khadeja is the best” or “Tracy is awesome”, or “Paul fixed me up immediately”. I constantly get positive feedback regarding the Tier3MD helpdesk. These folks are glue to their chairs and their phone. I can honestly tell you they never complain, take off very little time (which I don’t like) and are willing to work overtime when necessary. They never end their day with an open problem. They stay until you are fixed up and ready to go.

Even with the technology experience that I personally have, I could not do what they do. I couldn’t be more proud of them, and honored that they have chosen Tier3MD as their place of employment. So please help me in giving a huge shout out to the Tier3MD helpdesk. THANK YOU!!