Are you out of HIPAA compliance? Would you know if you were? With the Microsoft end of life on Windows 7 and Server 2008 passing in January 2020 and Covid-19 hitting a short time after, it is very possible that upgrading your PC’s and server has gone by the wayside. There are some practices that didn’t make the deadline of January 14, 2020 but still intended to upgrade their PC’s. With businesses coming to a halt, finances ran short and upgrading and replacing certainly was not a priority. I totally get it. Life changed, business changed and we are slowly starting to catch up.

Are You Out of HIPAA Compliance?

If you are back on your feet, please take the time to consider looking at the equipment in your office and coming up with a plan to replace any outdated equipment. If you don’t, you are are putting your practice at risk by leaving open vulnerabilities that hackers can easily exploit. It won’t be a matter of “if”, it will be a matter of “when” it happens.

Time is Running Out

We are now into September and the end of the year is fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking about your security risk assessment and reviewing your policies and procedures. You don’t want to get too far behind because it will be very difficult to catch up. Running the security assessment is a yearly process that helps keep you in HIPAA compliance, and is best practice for keeping your network safe from hackers and thieves.

If you need a security risk assessment, please contact Tier3MD as soon as you can to get on the schedule. It is filling up fast!


Thank you!