I know I have posted this before but it really is an oldie but goodie!


Medical IT Support Vs. General IT Support

There is a difference between medical IT support, and “other” IT support. We are often asked if we can provide IT support to various businesses, or small business IT support, such as legal firms, retail outlets, restaurants, or any other business that has or needs a network. The short answer is “yes”. The staff at Tier3MD is made up of certified network engineers. I am a certified network engineer. I can fix any PC anywhere. So the question is…why does Tier3MD medical IT support only? The answer is very dimple. Medical is different. We decided that it was important for us to provide medical practice IT suppport¬†only.

Like any industry, there are changes. In order to provide top notch medical IT support for practices, we need to stay on top of the industry as a whole. We need to know about HIPAA and how it pertains to our customers. We need to understand the HITECH act, ICD-10, the Affordable Care Act, EMR’s, dictation/transcription, blood labs, interfaces, DICOM viewers, PAC systems, Radiology, Cardiology, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, and most other specialties. It is important that we understand the HIPAA rules and how to protect a clients electronic patient health information.

With the medical industry knowledge Tier3MD has, it is easy for us to advise our clients on topics such as security risk assessments, meaningful use and how to obtain government incentives, core measures (which ones they need to meet), stage 2/3 meaningful use, and how to prepare for ICD-10. We are constantly increasing our knowledge base so that we stay the experts on the medical industry as a whole.

Medical IT support is MUCH more than PC support. We need to support our practices as a “whole” in order to make sure they stay compliant, safe, and risk free.