Tier3MD is never sitting idle when it comes to technology and protecting our client’s mission critical systems. We are constantly looking into new hardware, software, services, partners, vendors, etc. Anything we can do to keep you more stable, or save you money, we are doing! So what is Tier3MD up to?

New Products

  • We are in the process of rolling out an additional layer of protection for Ransomware. We know how devastating this can be and we make it a priority to keep on top of it.
  • We are no offering web filtering. We get many requests for internet usage reports. Our web filtering will allow you to block various site individually or enterprise wide. This is a great way to protect your network!
  • We now have our own App! Download it here for special deals and offers!
  • We have 4 new employees, EJ McCloud in Atlanta Field Services, Jason Beebe in Raleigh Field Services, and Caroline Kelly and Oliver Kao are our Regional Sales Executives based out of Atlanta.
  • Tier3MD offers Hardware as a service! Hang onto your money! Let us provide your PC’s and network equipment

Tier3MD is becoming a leader in healthcare technology. Our sole focus is providing IT support to the medical community. Contact us today!