It’s time to make your password changes. And I don’t mean just your login password. I mean ALL your passwords. Make a list, and start changing. You would be shocked at how many times you use the same password, and then forget that your login and password have been out there for years. For example: Did you ever sign up or register for a site to gather some information, and use your standard password? Let’s assume you have. What happens is that you have only been to that site once. You signed up, registered using the password 12345 and never went back to the site after you obtained what you needed. Moving forward, you registered at another site to view something, or purchase something and you used the password 12345. Get the drift?

Password Changes

What you need to do, is change all your important passwords as soon as possible. Those would include:

  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Utilities
  • Any type of online payment
  • Ticketmaster
  • Anywhere that holds your credit card information

What this does, is makes it so even if a hacker finds your login and password of 12345, they would not be able to use it for these important sites, because you went ahead and changed it. Make your password changes on a regular basis. Use some sort of vault or wallet to keep your passwords. I use LastPass and I have hundreds of passwords stored. I never even knew I had so many! I promise you would be shocked to see how many names, email addresses, passwords and social security numbers are out there on the dark web. All can easily be avoided by regular password changes.

Don’t think this will never happen to you. It will! Make the changes! It is not as hard as you think, and can save you from fraud, identity theft, etc.