Tip #2 Cyber Security Awareness Month talks about using Multi Factor Authentication. If a cybercriminal gets their hands on your password, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can prevent them from successfully logging into your account! MFA requires an additional form of verification outside of your password to help protect you.

Tip # 2 Cyber Security Awareness Month

MFA enhance your organization’s security by asking your users to identify themselves by more than one credential. While, third parties can steal important, usernames and passwords with brute force attacks, obtaining your phone or your MFA token at the same time orders challenge of more magnitude. Implementing the use of an MFA factor like a thumbprint or physical hardware key provides an additional layer of security which increases confidence in your organization security.

I often talk about MFA and how important it is to use. You should use it with your banking, brokers, online accounts, and any other web interaction you have that includes you logging in and supplying personal information.

It is smart to use MFA with your email as well. If anyone wants to change any of your passwords, they could easily do so if they have access to your email system. Make sure you implement MFA