VoIP For Your Practice?

Chances are, if you are not using an internet phone systems, you have heard about it.  Tier3MD has been working with clients to recommend and help set up internet phone systems, also known as VoIP (voice over internet).

The traditional copper based landline is becoming a thing of the past.  Cell phones had a lot to do with that.  The market for VoIP has grown mostly because of the bandwidth.  As the bandwidth increased, so has the ability to switch over to Voip, hence quite of bit of cost savings.  One of the many reasons a VoIP system saves a practice money is because you don’t have to pay the phone company excise taxes anymore.

Just as the Internet has revolutionized the way we get our information, voice over IP (VoIP) is helping make our voice communication more cost effective and efficient.  It fits into this world of wireless and cellular.  It gives a lot of functionality that a regular POTS (plain old telephone service) is not able to give.  For example, web browser management.

Some practices are not sold on VoIP systems.  The number one reason is “what if there is a power outage?”  It is suggested to talk to Tier3MD about putting in a redundant fail over internet connection.  The cost is minimal in comparison to downtime.

If you are interested in a VoIP system, contact Tier3MD for more information.  You can email us at info@tier3MD.com

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