Are you interested in telemedicine? I have been hearing about telemedicine since 2006. As the bandwidth increases and digital displays are becoming better and better, telemedicine certainly is an option a lot of medical providers are considering. Some specialties simply cannot see patients via telemedicine on the first visit, but following up can definitely be a viable option. Below is a list of the specialties that are most interested in telemedicine, and the specialties that are least interested.

Most Interested

1. Radiology
2. Psychiatry
3. Internal Medicine
4. Neurology
5. Family Medicine
6. Dermatology
7. Pediatrics
8. Emergency Medicine
9. Geriatrics
10. Allergy & Immunology
11. Endocrinology
12. Infectious Disease
13. Urology
14. Pediatric Pulmonology
15. Occupational Medicine

Least Interested

1. Anesthesiology
2. General Surgery
3. Orthopedic Surgery
4. Obstetrics & Gynecology
5. Oncology
6. Physical Medicine/Rehab
7. Gastroenterology
8. Otolaryngology (ENT)
9. Cardiology
10. Plastic Surgery
11. Nephrology
12. Neurosurgery
13. Pulmonology
14. Pediatric Cardiology
15. Pathology

Telemedicine is not a fit for all specialties. Some require various procedures and diagnostic testing to fully diagnose the patient. Still, for follow up appointments and prescription refill appointments, I think it would be convenient for both the patient and the physician. We just have to understand the insurance coverage.




Interested in Telemedicine?