Managed IT services for your medical practice is the best thing you can do to improve your technology, lower your cost, and secure your network. Having an IT department is no longer necessary. Managed IT services can take care of everything and more.

For small practices, managed IT services can help you more efficiently run your practice, and improve the productivity of your employees while reducing cost. For large practices, managed IT services can give you the additional staff you need for various projects without carrying the load of a fully overstaffed IT department.

Many medical practices focus their time and energy on keeping up with the latest and greatest ways to improve quality healthcare. Outsourced IT companies focus on providing better managed IT services! Makes sense don’t you think?

What exactly is Managed IT?

Managed IT services are provided by an outsourced firm or MSP (Managed Service Provider). These days, a growing number of IT vendors, resellers, and telecom carriers are providing managed services based on remote, proactive monitoring of company networks on an ongoing basis – with minimal involvement of the doctors, or practice managers. Tier3MD employ consultants who specialize in medical practice networks, computer support, and HIPAA security. Generally, managed IT services are delivered from a remote location via the Internet, but on-site proactive and emergency services are also provided when necessary. Services range from24/7/365 monitoring to fully managed services and reporting. Overall support for day-to-day operations and on-demand support for any other major need is also provided by Tier3MD. Managed IT services are usually provided on flat monthly fee or per device basis.

Most managed IT services offer antivirus, antispyware, patch management, remote monitoring and ransomware protection. At Tier3MD, we offer all of these services, including onsite computer and server support, data backup and disaster recovery, technology evaluation and planning, and HIPAA security assessment and reporting.

If you need Managed IT services, contact Tier3MD today!