Same Old Healthcare IT?

Since the delay of ICD-10, what exactly is going on with Healthcare IT? I keep hearing, “same old healthcare it”. Is anything differnet? I would say “not much”, but healthcare IT is always so exciting. So what is the hot topic? Meaningful use? Yes, that could be a hot topic since the reporting period is in full force right now. I have been doing meaningful use security risk assessments on a daily basis so that practices can “check the box” and obtain their incentive money. Quite a few were late in getting this done, but not from neglect. From a lack of understanding. For the office worker, healthcare IT has become somewhat complicated. Just when you think it is stagnant, surprise! Big changes are on the horizon.

As a healthcare IT person, I like the challenge and excitement of meeting deadlines, implementing new procedures, and enforcing new policies. Right now, I am feeling a small “lull” in healthcare IT. I see no panic, no urgencies and no worry. In essence, that is a good thing! No one is out there struggling thinking…”am I going to make it? Do I understand this” As I see it, everyone is waiting for Stage 2 meaningful use, and ICD-10. In healthcare IT, it’s either feast, or famine. Right now…let’s enjoy the break!


Sheryl Cherico is the CEO of Tier3MD and is the creator of “thehealthcareitgirl” blog.