In case you missed it, there has been another major ransomware attack. What happened at Howard University is yet to be determined. Last week, they suspected unusual activity and voluntarily shut down their network only to discover their worst fears. A ransomware attack. Now the work begins. How much damage did it do, what did it hit, how long will they be down, and most importantly, where did it come from.

What Happened at Howard University?

Most attackers enter your system long before the attack happens. They watch and wait. They look at things on your network, like your Accounting software. This helps them determine how much ransom they think you can afford. When the time is ready, they strike. In my opinion, it is most notably before a Holiday weekend. This gives them 3 days before it is discovered, giving them more time to spiral through your network, lock your files and attack your backups. So what happened at Howard University? Right now, they are investigating while trying to get students back on campus and back online. They are installing a new wifi network but that will take a few days. They will try to resume online classes by today but they are warning that not all classes will be available.

How Does This Happen?

There are numerous reasons this could have happened. Lack of security, lack of education, email phishing scams are a few of the more popular ways the attackers get into your network. I have always said,”The best way to mitigate a ransomware attack is to plan for it.” It is not a matter of “if” but “when” you get hit. Have a good solid plan in place for a quick restoration. Have a good contingency plan in place. That’s what’s going to save you. Avoiding it may be almost impossible. Prepare for a quick remediation. The hackers are getting more and more sophisticated¬† They are constantly honing their skills to defraud you. If you need help with your network security or remediation plans, contact Tier3MD today.