The FCC held a meeting in Washington DC earlier this month with many wireless carriers across the country. The reason for this is to help make progress in detecting robo calls. The FCC states they have detected over 300 million unwanted calls a day and most of those calls are coming from crooks.

The industry leaders spoke on what tools they are developing, and when they expect to roll these tools out. The latest project is called SHAKEN/STIR. This is a framework that should alert you when a caller’s phone number is being spoofed. Have you ever gotten a call where the ID comes up as IRS, or City Government? This is spoofing. SHAKEN/STIR is not going to completely stop robo calls on its own. It will require help from government authorities to identify back actors to prosecute and stop them.

Robo calls are completely out of hand. If you have a cell phone, you are more than likely receiving robo calls. Let’s hope this new technology can help. Providers will have until early 2020 to roll it out, and if they don’t, the FCC will make it mandatory.


Fingers crossed!