After years of perfecting the art of medical IT support, I have come to the conclusion that a centralized help desk works best. I know that when our customers have a problem, they like to pick up the phone and call someone. Everyone does. I do! But from a customer service standpoint, and a business stand point, a centralized help desk works best. This is because of the collaboration, and systems that are now available for help desk support. Years ago, if you called the help desk and the person who was helping you was out to lunch or off for the day, you basically had to start all over. Not anymore. Tier3MD has tools in place where if one person is helping you, anyone on the help desk can help you.

Why is this so effective?

For many reason, with number one being the ability to collaborate. Our help desk staff knows a lot. But I will freely admit, they don’t know everything. It is very convenient for them to turn to the person next to them, and collaborate. Chances are, someone knows the answer.

Aside from ticket logging, our help desk software contains a knowledge base and a resolution base. If you have a unique situation in your office, we have it documented in our knowledge base (KB) where anyone can look it up and follow the easy, documented instructions. If you call with a problem you had before, our resolution database will help with how we resolved the problem in the past.

Help desks are not like they used to be. There are many programs out there designed to do exactly what Tier3MD does. I often say our ticketing system is our “EMR for IT folks!”.

Cost Effective

Having a centralized help desk help Tier3MD not only support you, but at an affordable price. The cost savings with our efficiency is passed on to our clients. This is why a centralized help desk works best.

For more information, contact our help desk team at 855-698-4373.