Every January, I like to post new goals for 2017. Have you set yours yet? My goals are always similar, still, I like to sit down and think about them. I not only set them for the business, I like to sit with each employee and start to come up with attainable goals for them as well. My employees enjoy setting goals because it gives them something to work toward and the staff I have right now takes GREAT pride in what they do. I couldn’t ask for a better staff.

It is my goal to make 2017 the best year ever for Tier3MD. In 2018, I will say the same thing. We have been fortunate enough to grow our business each and every year since 2005, and that is definitely a trend we want to continue!



Here are my new goals for 2017 for Tier3MD

  1. Continue to refine our security policies and implement tighter controls.
  2. Visit customers more often.
  3. Provide the BEST customer service ever.
  4. Continue to find ways to help our clients save money.
  5. Research new products.
  6. Attend more learning conferences.
  7. Build our customer base.
  8. Build more partnerships with vendors to help save our clients money.
  9. Expand our helpdesk.
  10. Stop Ransomware!

Ok, so these are similar, yet not the same as my goals every year! It never hurts to reevaluate your goals, and make sure you are in tune with what your business/practice needs. Without goals, I feel like our business will stand still. I like to think about this and make a full 100% effort to meet our new goals for 2017. What about you?