Your security tools are very important in protecting your network. We had a great call today with one of our larger clients to explain to them what is available in the Tier3MD security stack and what they have already. Believe it or not, some of the most important tools are actually free. The reason some people don’t implement them is because the are “inconvenient.” I am taking about 2FA (2 factor authentication), or MFA which is multi-factor authentication. It does not cost anything to protect your email, banking or credit cards. So why not do it?

Your Security Tools

Some people may not be aware of your security tools, what you have and what you can add to protect your practice. It’s our job as your IT provider to meet with you and let you know what you can do to secure your network. Some clients opt out and that is their choice. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I worry that you don’t know about it and cannot make an educated decision on what you need for your practice.

What You Need

You don’t need everything that is out there. We have spent months viewing demos, sorting though different tools and working with trials to figure out what we want to use to protect your practice. We did not let price be a factor because you really can’t put a price on security. You can on downtime, but not security. It seems like more and more security tools are popping up and most are a monthly subscription. Thankfully, we purchase licenses in volume to assist our clients in implementing the best security tools for their practice.

Make and Appointment

Get with your IT folks about your security tools. They can help you find out what you have, what it does and what it needs. You don’t want to have to say “I didn’t know.” Contact Tier3MD today!