Good backups are priceless. I had a client this weekend become infected with a ransomware virus. When this happens, we shut down immediately, and restore from backup (along with other safety measures). So when do you think you find out you DON’T have good backups? When you need them!

Good Backups

Tier3MD has demo’ed, tried, created, bought, borrowed, etc. many different backup systems and processes over the years. It has always been one of our main focuses. Please don’t tell me you are still using tape. Actually, call me…now. Don’t even read the rest of the article. We have worked diligently to find the best solution for all size practice so they can secure their mission critical data at an affordable price. Even though you can’t really put a price on good backups :)

Our Solution

Tier3MD has created a solution to store your backup at an affordable price, and to restore you data when needed in the fastest possible amount of time. Not everyone has the same amount of data, but the price is definitely in the range of the smaller practice. Off-site backups are not just for large practices with large amounts of data. Our service is monitored on a daily basis and managed by our network operations center. If you think you could use a steady, reliable, dependable backup and disaster recovery solution, call us today!