When it comes to computer hardware, you definitely want to renew your warranties. The question is…is it worth it? Well, that is up to you. How much did you pay for the computer/laptop? How valuable is it to you? Can you afford to have it break down or crash? Can you live without the data on the computer? What does downtime cost you? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Renew Your Warranties!

For a medical practice, I would say it is worth it to renew the warranties on the PC’s, servers, firewalls and any other equipment that keeps your practice running. Warranties are usually not that expensive and most of them come with the first year or two covered. To extend the warranty is much less than purchasing it the first time. If you can afford to do a 3 year refresh on all your PC’s, then I would say not to extend the warranty since you will be replacing them anyway. If you want to get 3-5 years total out of your PC’s then go ahead and extend the warranty.

Renew the Firewall

Always, always always renew the subscription for your firewall. You NEVER want this out of warranty. This can kill your network, thus kill your practice. You want to make sure you are secure as possible at all times. Firewalls can go in the same category as antivirus. You always want to have it and it is constantly being updated. You don’t want to get caught without it.

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