I recently when to my phone vendor store and thought of purchasing a new phone. I was appalled at the price of phones. They are now up to $1000, and some are even more. Then I started to put this into perspective. Firs off, my phone is always by my side. It’s with me everywhere I go. I have all my valuable phone number and contacts in it. It constantly saves me from boredom, and gives me instant access to useless information. I play games, surf the web, take calls, check my calendar, send text messages, send emails, look up old emails and have it on my person at all time. Is it my best friend?

I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $1000 on a computer, which I actually use way less than my phone. I fly my drone with my phone. I sync up with my fitness band, and I connect it to my watch. So really, what’s wrong with spending $1000 on all of that functionality? It all comes down to perspective. I would spend $10.00 on a martini, but I have passed up buying a $10.00 ball point pen. Even though I really liked it. It’s always a matter of what we are willing to pay for. and how much we are actually willing to pay. The price of phones is no different. We never had to pay $1000 before, and now we don’t want to. It was bad enough when it was $499 with a service plan. Now it’s $999 with a service plan. So…what’s the deal? The value of phones has gone up…because of US! Because the way we, as the customer, depend on it. Ever hear of supply and demand? Plus, the phones are much better quality, they are faster, and they hold more information. Who even carries a camera anymore?

As an IT professional, I have seen people get nervous when their hard drive crashed. Have you ever seen anyone who loses their phone? That’s a whole different animal. Loose the phone and you’ve lost your right arm. Especially the panic over all of the pictures.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that the price of phones has gone up, and they are expensive, but in my opinion, WORTH IT!


Price of Phones